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Frequently Asked Questions

Simply visit the order page to book a cleaning and as you provide information about your property and schedule, your quote will dynamically adjust.

No, you’re only charged based on the amount of time your cleaner was actually at your property working. If they finish early, you aren’t charged the full amount quoted.

Whatever your schedule you need, you can plan business cleaning visits at any time. Our cleaning teams are specially trained in your workplace and can be permanently or casually stationed there.

Our staff were specialized in high buildings cleaning and other difficult areas. We are fitted with specialized climbing equipment and cleaning equipment to handle any jobs.

We are proud of our qualifications and our engagement in the industry for talented cleaners. Shine n Bright does not recruit students or temporary employees not engaged in the job. All of our management team today were themselves cleaners once! The culture of our company is based on high standards of cleaning. Our robust training methods guarantee continuity and you can invest in quality services.

Yes, we serve a variety of businesses and businesses. Some of these include factories for food manufacturing, medical centers, schools, business offices, businesses, and others.

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